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About Edison Lights


What do a parent teacher conference, craft beer and a common love for all things Power-Pop have in common?  The answer is Edison Lights.  Formed in 2014 to play at a company picnic, two veterans from Kansas City’s music scene dusted off their amps, tuned up their guitars and began to dream again.  Bonding over beer, Big Star, The Replacements and The Beatles, guitarist Chris Doolittle (The Front, Frank’s Dream) began swapping song ideas with bassist Eason Pritchard (Symetrix, Deege).  The two bandmates sought out drummer Scotty Rex (Sons of Rex, Go Kart) and began writing and recording a full-length album.

“Bright Ideas | Dark Matters” was released two years later before the band had played its first live show.   The album is comprised of songs that accumulated over the years with a few new tracks added later in the sessions.  Each track intentionally pays tribute to late 70’s, early 80’s, rock and power-pop genres.   The music evokes memories of long-play listening with car windows rolled down and the volume turned up.  “We spent a lot of time talking about the lost art of listening to albums, reading liner notes and lyrics as the album played through,” said Pritchard. “There’s an entire experience wrapped up in that moment that you don’t get from listening to digital, streaming music … We don’t intend to change people’s way of listening back to that style. We want to remind them of a time when they once did.”

In August of 2017, Edison Lights was added into rotation on the nationally syndicated Power-Pop Podcast (103.3 KSCU –Santa Clara) and featured on “Goldie’s Garage”, XM Satellite’s “Little Steven’s Underground Garage” program hosted by Genya Ravan.  Give these two wonderful platforms a listen as they continue to carry the torch for independent rock & roll music.

Edison Lights has since added members Nate Juraschek (Earth Note Syndicate) and Todd Yarrow (Drew 6) into the fold.  Edison Lights played their first show July, 15th 2017 at the Riot Room in Kansas City and will continue booking shows and recording more in the months to come.


Chris Doolittle – Vocals/Guitar

Eason Pritchard – Vocals/Bass

Scotty Rex – Vocals/Drums

Nate Juraschek – Vocals/Keys

Todd Yarrow – Vocals/Guitar


Facebook: www.facebook.com/edisonlightskc

Instagram: www.instagram.com/edisonlights

Twitter: www.twitter.com/edisonlightskc

Email: edisonlightskc@gmail.com